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art by fry

4461 aragon drive, San Diego, CA 92115, US

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frys history

My Background

hello my name is Ryan "FRY" VanAken i was born in newport beach california in 1969 .i started drawing at a very young age .in the 5th grade i got sent home for wearing a t shirt made,it depicted me swimming away from my school (an island like alcatraz) the heading read" property of killybrooke elementary cell number etc.".throughout middle school and high school i did flyers for bands,cartoons mocking my teachers and drawings for t shirts(that i printed in my room using a speedball silk screen kit) .

 when i was 13 i went to see the clash this was my first gig i ever went to,it was a life changing expiriance .the next day i went and got my first electric guitar.

in high school i got my first tattoo bye morgan brown who ended up being the drummer in my punk rock was through this friendship that i ended up tattooing.throughout the 90s i worked as a tattooer for FREDDY NEGRETE in beautiful santa barbara california.working with freddy i learned a lot about black and grey tattooing.

i also ,in the 90s went out to work for lou scabarous at tattoos by lou in miami beach fla.there i got to work with many great artist like chris garver and ami james .

in the 2000s i went to san diego (to were i actually started tattooing)

and have bean ever since.

i currently reside in the collage area(sdsu) with my wife and son.working at Lavish tattoo co. 

i also pinstripe, airbrush,sign paint.

what do i use

i like many different mediums.for tattooing i use dynamic black to line and fusion colors, i hand build ALL my own tattoo machines.

for signs ,glass signs and pinstriping i use 1shot enamel and 1shot products. tattoos in San Diego hand painted signs in San Diego Art by Fry in San Diego

i use various gold leaf products for gold leafing.

i use 1shot enamel and automotive grade waterbased paints for airbrushing

when doing paintings on canvase i use tube oil paints

other things of intrest

i also build guitars and suppourt the legalization of marijauana

to book a tattoo apt,have sign made(glass sign/gold leaf/business sign)or want to commission a canvas painting or mural contact me

space corvette

gold/silver leaf antiqued letter r


mirror before gold leaf

closed loop extraction with mz12x organic solvent

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this is a video about the use of organic solvent in a closed loop system to make essential oils

butane free extraction using mz12x with FRYSENBERG

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this is a follow up to the first extraction video

romo tattoos smt on adrian

this is a video of romo tattooing SMT on a hand at LAVISH TATTOO COMPANY

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art by fry

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